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Worms in Dirt Snack

30 Apr

Here is an easy and classic snack that I remember eating as a kid.


Oreos, gummy worms, chocolate pudding, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, clear plastic cups or big clear bowl


Put several Oreos in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Mix the crushed Oreos with the chocolate pudding and gummy worms and use as bottom layer. Next put a layer of whipped cream or the vanilla ice cream. Make another layer of the Oreos/pudding/gummy worms, then a last layer of the whipped cream/ice cream. Enjoy eating worms and dirt!


Chocolate Dinosaurs

28 Apr

I thought this was completely cute. A large milk chocolate dinosaur egg with miniature chocolate dinosaurs inside. You may get them from but they are currently out of stock. There are other online stores that sell them for around $20 each. Kind of expensive but still really cute and could make a fun gift (but be careful it doesn’t melt)…

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