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3 May

I always find my sister’s artwork all over the house. I can never get rid of it! I have saved every single picture she has drawn and note she has written. There is even a poster size one that I have rolled up in my closet. She has always been a little artist. When she was a baby she began drawing faces – I know our mom has them saved somewhere, I will have to ask here where they are so I can post them. Here is the last picture she drew for me out of boredom I think. She calls me “Sissy” so every picture has “To: Sissy” on it… Adorable….. 🙂


First we have a man getting attacked by a huge bird. Then there is man on a plane wing with a gun and some people jumping out of the plane. Then there is a guy watering the grass as it starts raining on him. And a big pretty flower in the middle of it all. I like how everyone has pointy triangle hats.

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