Haunted House

27 Apr

She used to be scared of everything… now she is seeking scary things. My sister has this obsession with ghosts and haunted houses now. As we are driving back from her 4-H rifle tournament she is staring out the window looking for haunted-looking houses as we go through small Texas towns on the long way home. As we pass by ANY creepy looking older home she yells to my mom, “slow down slow down! I want to take a picture!”. My mom slams on her brakes trying to slow down for her to take a picture as people behind us get mad… and of course my sister was never able to get a picture that would come out since we were moving. We end up stopping at an old antique store which used to be a hotel. We go through the downstairs, upstairs, and basement. I have to say that it was a pretty creepy place because the rooms upstairs were all completely furnished with super old furniture and it had that old smell to it. In the basement there were random stairs leading towards nothing and it was blocked off. It was to say the least, a creepy place… We took pictures throughout every single room, my sister LOVED it… this was her second visit there and since then she has gone back once more. There are haunted stories about that place that the store owner has told us about. She said that sometimes the door gets unlocked and opened when she is not there.


Here is a picture Amylia took of a mirror at the store.


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