5 Ways To Be A Greener Kid

21 Apr

There are lots of ways we can save energy and nature. Here are a few I have come across for kids to be involved.

Ask your parents for green or recycled school supplies – these products come from other material that other kids probably recycled. This material is then used to create new products so it is recycled rather then creating something from scratch. It takes energy and gas to create new products so it is better to use things that are recycled. You will see why at the end of this post.
Throw EMPTY cans and paper into a recycle bin instead of a regular trash can – make sure that there is no food or liquid left in whatever you are recycling. Food/liquid can contaminate recycled stuff and when it goes to the recycle plant it won’t be any good! Just be sure to FINISH the drink before throwing it into that blue can.
Turn off the water while brushing your teeth – Americans waste lots and lots of water because we are so used to it always being there for us. Did you know in some  countries they have no water from faucets? We must conserve our water since we have to share it with millions of other people.
Start a garden at home – growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only fun but healthier for you.
Turn off the lights or TV when you leave a room – yes, not all adults do this either but it is a really good habit. If you can’t remember to turn off the lights put a little sticker or a sign next to the light switch to remind you that the lights go off!

Why be green? It reduces the earth’s pollution. It’s part of a big word called “sustainability”. This means, sustaining or keeping the earth in good health for future kids and their future kids too.


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