Shrinky Dinks

19 Apr

I remember being a kid and putting these little thingies that I colored into the oven. When they were done they came out as little plastic toys that kind of melted and “shrinky dinked”. Okay so maybe you are thinking “laaaaaame, haven’t you heard of XBOX?!”. Well I don’t remember there being an Xbox at that time, there was Nintendo – not the crazy 3D looking one but still pretty cool and a classic. Well now these Shrinky Dinks have evolved a tad since they started in the 70’s (yeah way before my time too).

What’s new? Well now you can print these out on your printer from any pictures you find online or your own picture that you create or make in Paint. You just get the special plastic paper and wahla! you’re own custom Shrinky Dink! and it literally only takes 2 minutes. There are also new themes like Sponge Bob, Dora, etc. There are kits for making greeting cards, jewelry, gift tags, hair clips, key chains, charm bracelets, ornaments, and the list goes on.


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