The First Post!

19 Apr

Welcome to our blog! So I decided to start this site to reach out to the younger group of kids who aren’t really ready to hit Facebook yet (if that is possible these days) but still like to be online and a part of the whole social media craze. I plan on updating this site everyday (or almost everyday) with all kinds of different info. The blog is run by myself (the not so old sister) with the help of my little sister who is the inspiration of this. I never realized how fashionable yet silly an 11 year old could be but my sister definitely is. Everything she is into is fun and creative, also her sense of style which is way better then mine was at her age and probably still is better then my now. With the help of her style and creativity I’d like to include different posts on this site like places to go, things to do, how to’s, style must-haves, style must-do’s, funny stuff I find online, games, and who knows what else. Pretty much this is just a place where kids/tweens can come and get some ideas of things to do for fun!


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