29 May

A Sonoma Garden

It’s hard to believe that it is actually applesauce making season again but it is! Last weekend we put up a bunch of jars and I thought I’d share with you our process. I’m sure there are as many applesauce recipes as there are people who make it, but if you haven’t tried making your own applesauce before, you really should try. It’s so easy! We have a golden delicious apple tree in our yard and typically we make applesauce out of the ugly apples that have fallen off the tree and leave the nice looking still-on-the-tree apples for eating and for pies. So the first order of business is to send out a troop of little boys to collect the fallen apples.
See, ugly, aren’t they? It takes extra time to cut them up, peel them and cut out the bad parts, about an hour to do an entire…

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I ate all your Halloween candy!

3 May

This was so funny… I watched it this last Halloween and wanted to share.


3 May

I always find my sister’s artwork all over the house. I can never get rid of it! I have saved every single picture she has drawn and note she has written. There is even a poster size one that I have rolled up in my closet. She has always been a little artist. When she was a baby she began drawing faces – I know our mom has them saved somewhere, I will have to ask here where they are so I can post them. Here is the last picture she drew for me out of boredom I think. She calls me “Sissy” so every picture has “To: Sissy” on it… Adorable….. 🙂


First we have a man getting attacked by a huge bird. Then there is man on a plane wing with a gun and some people jumping out of the plane. Then there is a guy watering the grass as it starts raining on him. And a big pretty flower in the middle of it all. I like how everyone has pointy triangle hats.

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1 May

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Worms in Dirt Snack

30 Apr

Here is an easy and classic snack that I remember eating as a kid.


Oreos, gummy worms, chocolate pudding, whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, clear plastic cups or big clear bowl


Put several Oreos in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Mix the crushed Oreos with the chocolate pudding and gummy worms and use as bottom layer. Next put a layer of whipped cream or the vanilla ice cream. Make another layer of the Oreos/pudding/gummy worms, then a last layer of the whipped cream/ice cream. Enjoy eating worms and dirt!

Kids React to Viral Videos #1

30 Apr

Charlie The Unicorn

30 Apr
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